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Welcome to Kloisters Kindergarten and Pre-School

Welcome to Kloisters website!

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Welcome to our Kindergarten and thank you for giving us the opportunity to tell you about ourselves.  At Kloisters Kindergarten our aim is for all children to have high quality experiences throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage.  HAPPY, INDEPENDENT and CONFIDENT CHILDREN will provide a firm foundation on which to build academic, social and emotional success.  At all ages and stages they will experience a rich multi-sensory language experience.


Kloisters Kindergarten is a private day nursery which was established in 1976, we feel that the right staff are vital in any company, but in a nursery, caring for very young children, this is even more important.  The Kindergarten has an established team of highly qualified and dedicated staff who are carefully selected, not only for their wealth of experience and qualifications but also for their skills and personalities, plus their dedicated approach to caring for the children.  Many of the staff have been with the Kindergarten for many years and every member greatly contributes to the happy, industrious environment essential to a developing child.


Our qualified and experienced staff are dedicated to the development of the babies and young children in our care, and the children's play experiences are based around their developmental needs.  From the babies upwards the children are given new experiences according to their individual needs. At such a young age babies learn through their senses, sounds, smells, physical contact, singing and games, talking to our babies is vital, as well as encouraging physical skills such as crawling, standing and walking.

There are also opportunities for one-to-one interaction for your child with staff and the other children, whatever the weather, your child will also spend some time each day playing outside in our lovely garden.

As your child grows he/she will start a gradual move into a Kindergarten or Pre-school Class, where they will begin to experience and discover many new things. Our aim is to follow your child's progress during their time with us, so that from an early age a relationship of trust and confidence is formed, making your child's time with us happy and enjoyable.

At Kloisters we provide a stimulating atmosphere where learning is a natural and welcome part of everyday life, and to work within a framework which ensures equality of opportunity for all children and their families.

Traditional skills are taught within our successful teaching framework of the 'Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum' to build confidence, which will strengthen the social, emotional and spiritual values of your child.

The success of our Kindergarten is probably best judged by looking at the children's work and by listening to them, so we do encourage you to visit us.  We are confident that, in addition to the excellent work and happy smiles, you will find that 'something extra', which has given us our reputation over the last 36 years. We provide a fully qualified team of staff for children from birth to five years old, and possibly your first port of call will be the Baby Room.




If you would like any further information please click on the links on the left or contact the Kindergarten direct on 01634 880298